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Great Taxidermy Starts With Great Instruction.

Frank Kotula-Fish and Birds

Gary Weir-Whitetail Deer


I’m Frank Kotula from Pennsylvania and I look forward to judging your show and meeting new and ole friends 

As for me I’m just a regular person whose been lucky to achieve a few awards. Some of my achievements have been 3 world titles, North American, National, State , Wasco, Breakthrough awards. The goal here is to get you on a better level of doing quality work hopefully by showing, and explaining how to get you there.

Mainly I like good anatomy work as that’s the blueprint to anything we do. The rest generally falls into place. 

I thank you and humbled by this opportunity to help you the members out


Hello, my name is Gary Weir. I call the beautiful Western Slope of Colorado home. I started taxidermy at the age of 13. My passion has always been whitetail deer. Most of the fondest memories in my life were shared sitting in a deer stand, with my father. My beautiful wife, Dana and I, run a full time taxidermy studio in Western Colorado. I have competed for many years, winning several best of categories and state titles. I have been awarded two national titles in the whitetail division. I was awarded North American Champion in 2023 and winning the prestigious Joseph Bruchac Memorial Award. All of this I'm very honored and proud of. My biggest achievement in my life is accepting Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior into my heart. The Lord has and continues to bless me, even when I'm not worthy. His Grace and Mercy prevails in every situation. I'm looking forward to judging your

 show; hopefully I can shed some knowledge on the subject I care so much about. Remember, when you think you know it all the ability to be taught is over! I continue to attend workshops to be trained by the best in our field. Get your pieces together and I look forward to meeting you all!

Douglas Rehwinkel- Mammals 


I'm Let me take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Douglas Rehwinkel from Waupaca, Wisconsin.


I was born in Colorado Springs and raised in Wisconsin. I am the eldest of boys. The majority of my childhood was spent at my grandmothers horse ranch. I could ride a horse before I ever could ever ride a bike.


I’ve always had a love and respect for wildlife, and the beauty of nature in its natural setting. As a young boy I spent numerous and countless hours with my father and grandfather, either hunting or fishing.


This lead to the art of nature and re-creating it through my art work in school. It seemed as though I was naturally good at the details in my artwork.


In 1991 I met my wife, Diana, and within a few years we had three children, which is now developed into four grandchildren.


Taxidermy has always been passion and something I vowed myself to learn someday.  In 1996. My wife and I made the decision to move to Florida. I happen to stumble upon a Taxidermist who is looking for an apprentice. I knew this was the open door I needed, so I ran with it. After a couple years, we made the decision to move back to Wisconsin.


When I returned home, I began reading different articles and posts on, and I learn many of the skills I learned in Florida we’re very outdated techniques. I began a fresh start on learning the skills I needed in order to be the type of artist I strive to be. I joined our state Taxidermy association to again learn new techniques and gain the knowledge from world-class Taxidermist and judges. I decided I wanted to start competing so I could learn more and grow my skills further and better grown my artistry. 


You’ll notice I use the term artistry in my opinion, that is exactly what Taxidermist are. We are artists.


I’ve been judged by over 15 different judges from all over the United States in multiple categories. I have taken advice and constructive criticism and applied that to create the best Mount I can. I have received many awards over the years, but my most prestigious award I’ve earned is knowledge.


Today I use the skills, techniques and knowledge from what I have learned over the years and apply them to every mount that comes into my shop.Because of the time, dedication and the willingness to learn I have built a wonderful business for myself and family. My specialty is the artistry of predator and prey


A name that goes hand in hand with whitetails, Vincent brings a wealth of knowledge with whitetail taxidermy. Not only is he an outstanding instructor but a World Champion. We are honored to have this legend at our show.



Rick Krane-Master of Ceremonies


A distinguished taxidermist from the great state of New Jersey, George runs a mega facility with great pride & success within the taxidermy community. He & his team not only provide outstand highend taxidermy and scuplting, but have also work on some the highest levels of curating at it core for the American Museum of Natural History, as well as other great museum works of taxidermy and repoduction art.  


Thank you, George we are honored.


A distinguished taxidermist from New England area Richard is a legend in the industry of taxidermy, with extreamly successful business known dynamic deer mounts and wild game. He is a founding father when it comes to understanding the antomy of deer. We are honor to have him at our show.




There will be 5 action packed seminars at the show. Rick Krane, Vincent Fleming, Richard Christoforo, and "Ledgendary" George Dante will be doing informative seminars in their specialty at the show. These seminars are included with membership and registration at the show so let's pull up a chair and get ready to be schooled in the art we all love.
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