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Great Taxidermy Starts With Great Instruction.

Judges for the 2023 Show

Jeff Mourning- Fish & Reptiles



Dale Manning- Birds







Dave Ferguson- Whitetails & Mammals




Dave Ferguson comes to us from Harrisville, Utah, where he lives with his wife Millissa, and
sons Colter, and Hunter. His taxidermy career started in Pennsylvania from roaming the farm country bowhunting and observing nature, to preserving his kills. From there, three years working in a museum setting at Brigham Young University opened up a new world of species and techniques. Most birds and mammals worked on were not huntable species for which mannikins were available, so Dave quickly learned to adapt and create.


Throughout a 30 year commercial taxidermy career, this led Dave to sculpt and create new mannikins first for himself then for Research Mannikins and Trufitt Lifeforms. Ultimately Dave Ferguson Taxidermy Supply was created, and it continues to grow, employing 6 additional sculptors and carrying 250 products. Dave has traveled from China, to Africa, and Mexico to collect reference and develop unique casting techniques that can be applied in the field. This diversity has led Dave to judge taxidermy shows in 12 states and the national championships. Dave has been awarded three World Titles, two in sculpting and one in taxidermy, along with multiple Breakthrough and Wasco awards. His experience ranges from hunted birds, to birds of prey, and mammals from mice to elephants.


He’s excited to bring his knowledge to a new place and teach and learn from your members.






Jeff Mourning is from Colorado and began his Taxidermy career after years of having his own fish mounted and being unhappy with the quality of work he received.

Jeff began doing taxidermy as a hobby in 1995 and started competing in 1997. He soon discovered what he could learn from the advice he received from those who judged his work over the years.   It was that year that he began doing fish taxidermy full time.  Jeff is one of the best fish Taxidermist in the World! He is a 10 Time World Champion and has won 10 National Championships.


After several years of competing, Jeff started judging competitions in 2001.  Jeff have been honored to have been able to judge at State shows, Nationals and The Worlds, including the European Championships!

Dale Manning is from Missoula, Montana where he owns and operates Custom Birdworks and The Big Game Connection. He founded his business in 1988, but has been involved with taxidermy since 1975. Dale is well known in the Taxidermy Industry as being one of the best in custom bird taxidermy. 

Dale won a World Championship in 2007 and has received the Industry's highest honors and award at the state, National and World levels.

Dale lives in Missoula with his wife Jennifer and son Owen.


A name that goes hand in hand with whitetails, Vincent brings a wealth of knowledge with whitetail taxidermy. Not only is he an outstanding instructor but a World Champion. We are honored to have this legend at our show.




A distinguished taxidermist from the great state of New Jersey, George runs a mega facility with great pride & success within the taxidermy community. He & his team not only provide outstand highend taxidermy and scuplting, but have also work on some the highest levels of curating at it core for the American Museum of Natural History, as well as other great museum works of taxidermy and repoduction art.  


Thank you, George we are honored.


A distinguished taxidermist from New England area Richard is a legend in the industry of taxidermy, with extreamly successful business known dynamic deer mounts and wild game. He is a founding father when it comes to understanding the antomy of deer. We are honor to have him at our show.




There will be 5 action packed seminars at the show. Rick Krane, Vincent Fleming, Richard Christoforo, and "Ledgendary" George Dante will be doing informative seminars in their specialty at the show. These seminars are included with membership and registration at the show so let's pull up a chair and get ready to be schooled in the art we all love.
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